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Cable Assembly Service

Coax Solutions Ltd offers a full range of in house cable assembly solutions.

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CCS(UK) Ltd -Hirose (HRS) Products

                   Hirose connectors pictute 1.jpg  

This section allows you to access pdf catalogues on the Hirose connector ranges.

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  hrs circular-100.jpg  Hirose Circular connectors
   df13_series-100.jpg  Hirose Rectangular connectors
   hrs coaxial-100.jpg  Hirose Coaxial connectors
   Hirose TM11-100.jpg  Hirose Modular connectors
   hrs board to board-100.jpg  Hirose Board to Board connectors
   hrs board to wire-100.jpg  Hirose Board to wire connectors
   hrs FPC-100.jpg  Hirose FPC/FFC connectors
   hrs card edge-100.jpg  Hirose Card Edge connectors
   hrs memory card-100.jpg  Hirose Memory cards & IC Sockets
   hrs optical-100.jpg  Hirose Optical connectors & Devices
   hrs microwave-100.jpg  Hirose Microwave connectors