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Cable Assembly Service

Coax Solutions Ltd offers a full range of in house cable assembly solutions.

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Cable Reels


High Quality Schill cable reels, manufactured from synthetic rubber which is impervious to chemicals, petrol and oil. These professional cable reels offer a weather resistant solution for on site cable storage and deployment, with an operating temperature of -20 deg C to +100 deg C. We offer 4 sizes, with spool diameters ranging from 233mm to 450mm to cover a wide range of cable diameters. The cable reels are fitted with locking brake screw and an RM auxiliary spool on one side which can typically store 2m-5m of cable. The cable reels are supplied without cable, but we can also supply loaded with pre terminated cable of your choice. • Schill Professional line cable reels • Special rubber drum • 4 sizes available • RM auxiliary spool • Locking brake screw

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