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Cable Assembly Service

Coax Solutions Ltd offers a full range of in house cable assembly solutions.

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Amateur (HAM) Radio

This section contains a range of products for the Amateur (HAM) Radio enthusiast.

Coaxial connectors and adapters - to suit a wide range of equipment interfaces including BNC, N type, UHF (PL259) and SMA. You can also find and extensive range of coax connectors in our main section.

Coax cable - a range of 50 ohm cables suitable for connecting your radio, amplifier, antenna or swr meter. We stock the well known RG types (RG174, RG58, RG223, RG213 and RG214) and a range of LMR equivalent low loss (LL) cables (LL100, LL195, LL240, LL400, LL600) as well as Mini 8.

A full range of coax cables can be found in our main cable section

Crimp tools - a selection of professional crimp tools for terminating our range of coaxial connectors

Quality Patch cables - our patch cables, pigtails and adaptor cables are all built in house at our Harlow assembly facility. We offer a selection of the common interconnection solutions for use with radios, amplifiers, antennas and meters.

Bespoke cable assembly service  - Patch cables built to your specifications. Please contact our sales team on 01279 639464 or complete our enquiry form with your requirements.