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Cable Assembly Service

Coax Solutions Ltd offers a full range of in house cable assembly solutions.

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HAM Radio Coaxial Cable

A selection of 50 Ohm coaxial cables suitable for interconnect solutions in HAM radio applications. See our full range in the main coax cable section.

RG Types - 50-ohm cables with PVC jackets and braided screens, commonly used for HAM radio applications to connect radios, amplifiers, antennas etc. RG174, RG58, and RG223 offer smaller diameter, flexible solutions and RG213 and RG214 offer lower loss at the expense of flexibility. PVC cables are not considered suitable for outdoor applications.

Low Loss (LL) - 50-ohm cables with PE jackets and foil and braid double screens. These cables offer lower losses than the equivalent size PVC cables, but are also not as flexible. These cables are direct equivalents of the well-known Times LMR cables. PE cables are suitable for outdoor applications.

Cable is available as cut lengths (per metre) or reels (100m/305m)

Also see our section on Patch cables made at our Harlow assembly facility