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Coax Solutions Ltd offers a full range of in house cable assembly solutions.

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Belden HD SDI Cable

Our workshops offer a bespoke cable assembly service on all Belden HD-SDI cables 

Belden has produced some the best and most successful analog video cables,and then in 1995, Belden first launched its award-winning digital precision video coax, 1694A.They now have a much more extensive line, but to this day, 1694A remains the world-wide industry standard for SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 1080p/60 (3G) applications.

Many of Belden’s digital precision video coax cables are also sweep-tested to 4.5GHz for HD and 3G production and post-production. No other cable manufacturer has invested in this technology like Belden has, so no other manufacturer can assure you beyond-high-definition performance like Belden.


Compared to SMPTE’s return loss limit, Belden's coaxial products provide significant return loss headroom.

To ensure best-in-class performance, each and every spool is 100% sweep tested for return loss before it leaves their facility. Gas injected high-density foam polyethylene insulation provides advanced impedance stability, conductor adhesion, crush resistance, and return loss characteristics. Even with rough handling and moderate damage, you can still rely on their products to perform. Only Belden offers this level of performance and guaranteed quality and consistency.


Belden Recommended transmission distance chart here: digital-video-distance-chart-24-4-2019.pdf 

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