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Coax Solutions Ltd offers a full range of in house cable assembly solutions.

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BNC Connectors

The BNC connector is named after its bayonet mount locking mechanism, and its inventors. (Paul Neill and Carl Concelman). The BNC connector features two bayonet lugs on the female (jack) and mating is fully achieved with a quarter turn of the coupling nut.

BNC connectors are typically used with miniature and sub miniature Coax cables, such as RG174, RG58 and RG59, but can be used with larger low loss cables such as RG213 and LMR600.

BNC connectors are built to match the characteristic impedance of the coax cable or equipment. Typically these would be 50 ohm and 75 ohm.

The latest "True" 75 ohm BNC connectors are able to perform above 3 GHz when used with the correct cable

BNC connectors are used widely throughout the Broadcast, Telecoms, CCTV and Security industries, BNC connectors can also be seen on test equipment, amateur radio and aviation electronics.