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HD-SDI Cable Assembly - Belden 1505ANH


HD-SDI patch cables using BELDEN 1505ANH 6GHz cable and precision BNC plugs. These HD-SDI patch leads are assembled at our Harlow, Essex assembly facility under our proven quality control system.

Belden 1505ANH is a RG59 size low loss serial digital coax video cable (OD 5.92mm) suitable for both analogue and digital applications including live broadcast and pre and postproduction. Also suitable for older applications (composite, component & widescreen).

Belden 1505ANH has a 0.8mm (20awg) conductor, Duofoil and tinned copper braid shields ans a  Low Smoke LSNH/FRNC UV resistant jacket available in a range of colours which is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.


1.      SMPTE ST292   (HD 1.5G-SDI)      1.5Gb/s 

2.      SMPTE ST424   (HD  3G-SDI)         3Gb/s

Recommended maximum transmission distance

SMPTE ST292 & ST424 - Distance is based on 20dB loss at ½ clock frequency according to Belden data sheets

HD-1.5Gb/s     maximum distance is 93M

HD-3Gb/s        maximum distance is 65M

Note: Belden does not quote figures for 1505ANH, quoted figures are for 1505A as guidance.


Cable labels

Cable length

Standard Colours - Green, Turquoise, Violet

Coloured strain relief boots

Technical information

Belden 1505ANH data sheet  1505ANH data sheet 31-1-20.pdf

Belden Recommended transmission distance table  digital-video-distance-chart-Feb 2019.pdf


  • SDI / HD-SDI patch lead for Analogue and Digital signals
  • Belden 6GHz precision video cable
  • Precision "true" 75Ohm BNC connectors
  • Black strain relief boot
  • Options - cable colour, cable length, labels & coloured strain relief boots