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HD-SDI Cable Assembly - Belden 1855A


HD-SDI patch cables using BELDEN 1855A 6GHz cable and precision BNC plugs. These HD-SDI patch leads are assembled at our Harlow, Essex assembly facility under our proven quality control system.

Belden 1855A is a small diameter precision video cable (OD 4.04mm) suitable for composite, component, widescreen and HD applications. Belden 1855A is suited to both analogue and Digital broadcast signals.

Belden 1855A has a 23awg conductor, Duofoil and tinned copper braid shields and a Black PVC jacket suitable for indoor use only. 


1.      SMPTE ST259  (SD-SDI)                360Mb/s

2.      SMPTE ST292  (HD 1.5G-SDI)      1.5Gb/s 

3.      SMPTE ST424  (HD  3G-SDI)         3Gb/s

Recommended maximum transmission distance

SMPTE ST259 - Distance is based on 30dB loss at ½ clock frequency according to Belden data sheets

Maximum distance is 207M

SMPTE ST292 & ST424 - Distance is based on 20dB loss at ½ clock frequency according to Belden data sheets

HD-1.5Gb/s     maximum distance is 66M

HD-3Gb/s        maximum distance is 46M


Coloured strain relief boots (standard is Black)

Cable labels

Cable length

Technical information

Belden 1855A data sheet   1855A data sheet 31-1-20.pdf

Belden Recommended transmission distance table  digital-video-distance-chart-24-4-2019.pdf


  • SDI / HD-SDI patch lead for Analogue and Digital signals
  • Belden 6GHz precision video cable
  • Precision "true" 75Ohm BNC connectors
  • Black strain relief boots
  • Options - cable length, labels, coloured boots