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Micro BNC (HD BNC) Adapter cables


The Micro BNC is a small bayonet lock 75 Ohm connector and is also known as the HD BNC from manufacturers such as Amphenol.

The Micro BNC is approximately 50% smaller than the standard BNC connector and is similar in size to the DIN 1.0/2.3 connector.

Used in Mobile Broadcast, HD CCTV, Digital Audio cards and routers offering 4x the density of the standard BNC connector with the same reliable and secure bayonet locking mechanism.

These Micro BNC adapter (converter) cables use Belden 1855A (6Ghz) precision video cable and allow the high-density Micro BNC connections to be converted to use with standard BNC patch leads. They are suitable for applications up to 12GHz (with suitable cable such as Belden 4855R) and are manufactured at our Harlow, Essex assembly facility.

Note: The DIN 1.0/2.3 connector may be confused with the Micro BNC (HD BNC) connector which is a similar sized connector. Dont confuse DIN 1.0-2.3 with HD BNC.pdf 


1.      SMPTE ST292        (HD 1.5G-SDI)     

2.      SMPTE ST424        (HD  3G-SDI)      

3.      SMPTE ST2081-1  (UHDTV1/UHDTV2)

4.      SMPTE ST2082-1  (UHDTV1/UHDTV2)


Cable labels

Cable length

Technical information

Belden 1855A data sheet  1855A data sheet 31-1-20.pdf

Micro BNC connectors


  • HD-SDI / 4K UHD adapter cable
  • Belden 6GHz precision video cable
  • Precision "true" 75Ohm BNC and Micro BNC connectors
  • Black heat shrink strain relief as standard
  • Options - cable length, labels