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UHF Connectors

UHF Connector - The UHF connector was designed during the 1930's, and was intended for use as a video connector on radar equipment.

The UHF connector later became more widely used as a general purpose low frequency RF connector up to 300Mhz.

Designed with a threaded coupling (5/8 inch 24tpi UNEF standard) which made accidental disconnection very unlikely and allowing for a low resistance secure connection.

The terms PL259 (UHF Plug) and SO239 (UHF Jack) were military terms used for these connectors from the 1930's and are still widely used today in civilian circles.

The UHF (PL259) connector is still used today, typically in amateur and semi-pro applications, but are still not suitable in all applications. The main drawback being that the UHF (PL259) connector has a non-constant impedance across the length of the cable, which still limits its use up to a maximum frequency of 300Mhz, which may be limited further by poor manufacturing standards leading to a realistic use up to 30Mhz.

The UHF(PL259) connector is still used in Amateur (HAM) radio, Citizens Band radio (CB) and Marine VHF radio.

Coax Solutions Ltd offers a UHF connector range to suit RG58 (PL259-6), Mini8 (PL259-7) and RG213 (PL259-9) cables.

In- House cable assembly service - we can supply your patch cables ready made from our Harlow assembly facility. Call our sales team with your requirements on 01279-639464