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Inflatable Antenna - Air Band

Inflatable Antenna - Air Band
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 The GALAXY INFL8-AIRBAND is an inflatable end feed 3db antenna for reception of civil/military aircraft bands (118MHz-136MHz)

The antenna can be easily deployed either via a CO2 cartridge or manual inflation tube. It inflates to 1.6M to offer a full 3db antenna.

Thanks to its inflatable design, the antenna can be deflated and stowed away safely in its easy to spot storage bag until needed again.

The antenna can be mounted with its Hook and Loop straps allowing for quick and easy installation. The antenna also features grommets on the top and bottom to facilitate hanging and securing if required.

The antenna if fitted with a PL 259 male connector as standard.

INFL8-AIRBAND data sheet   Data sheet - INFL8-AIR BAND.pdf

Note: When manually inflated, the product does not inflate to be rigid enough to be free standing. Manual inflation is only advised if the antenna can be supported top and bottom

  • Suitable for Aircraft Bands (118MHz-136MHz) and (430MHz-440MHz)
  • End Feed 3db antenna
  • Inflatable
  • PL 259 Male connector
Stock code INFL8-AIRBAND
Cable TypeRG174
Impedance50 OHM
Frequency Range118MHz-136MHz
Connector 'A'PL-259 Male
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