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CCS(UK) Ltd - Hirose Products-Introduction


A World Leading Company Manufacturer with Original Technology

Since the development of Japan's first original connectors in 1959, Hirose as a development-oriented company has maintained a leading position at the cutting edge of world technology. We take particular pride in our industrial connectors, a particularly difficult area of development. Based on our unique know-how established in this field, we have, in recent years, made full-scale inroads also into the general consumer sector with an ever-widening expansion of our business activities. This has earned us the highest acclaim from users worldwide, as Hirose connectors have evolved to a global brand recognized throughout the world. 
  Internal Connectors

Hirose internal connectors have penetrated into all application areas from industrial to consumer equipment, covering a proud product lineup comprising in particular board to board, board to wire and nylon connectors. Always anticipating the future, we have focused the thrust of our development commitment on achieving low cost performance in addition to ultra-small compactness, high transmission speed, low-profile and narrow pitch specifications. This has given us the strength to meet for highly sophisticated and complex connectors with a diverse product range. 
  External Connectors

The range of external connectors that are mainly used for equipment interface connections consists of round and rectangular connectors. The main themes for the development of circular connectors include compact design, high transmission speed sturdy construction and large capacity, environmental resistance, and protection against electromagnetic interference. In the rectangular connector area, we have not only marketed products that measure up to the stringent requirements especially in terms of high transmission speed and high density but have also developed interface connectors that are used in cellular phones and data distribution systems. 
  Coaxial Connectors and High-Frequency Devices

, marked by their high performance in connecting high-frequency signals, are our particular area of strength. Not only can we pride ourselves on having a leading share in the industrial equipment area, including microwave communication equipment, satellite communication devices, and electronic measuring instruments but are also aware of the substantial advances we have made into the mobile communications and computer fields. With the solid backing of this leading-edge know-how, we are in the process of developing commercial products, including directional couplers, resistive terminators, fixed attenuators, circulators, and coaxial switches. 
  Fiber Optic Connectors - Optical Devices

Hirose has dedicated itself to pioneering research in optical connection technology and developed a diverse range of leading-edge products benefiting from Hirose,s original know-how. At present, we are in the unique position of being able to offer a broad spectrum of products ranging from single-mode optical connectors to multi-mode multi-core optical connectors. Similarly to the , we also handle device products to meet timely needs in our present-day optical communications age with an ambitious development commitment that includes the creation of product series of optical attenuators capable of adjusting optical input signals and optical terminators capable of absorbing reflected light. 
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