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Consumer Electronics Field

Inroads into the consumer electronics field were made on the solid platform of our advanced technology established in the industrial connector area. Hirose's success, consolidating its position in the audiovisual area, was a milestone that led to an increasing involvement in the household electric appliances and game sectors. At present, Hirose is recording significant progress in expanding its presence also in growth markets such as large TVs using flat panel displays (FPD), digital cameras and digital household electric appliances.

  • DM Series
  • FH26 Series
  • FX16 Series
  • MDF61 Series
  • LX Series
  • LCD Television
  • Digital Video Camera
  • Digital Camera

Measuring and Control Field

Hirose has enriched high-frequency know-how established in the development of with a variety of original technologies to create a series of connectors based on new concepts to meet new challenges, including ultra-high frequency, ultra-high speed transmission, SMT and EMI support. In recent year, Hirose has further enhanced its creative originality of its product by addressing the need for robust and waterproof construction in its product development efforts to allow for equipment operating conditions.

  • DF22 Series
  • FX5 Series
  • H/MS Series
  • LF Series
  • AT-1100 Series


Automotive Field

Hirose established itself in the automotive field in the 1990s on the solid basis of a long-term R&D commitments and results. Currently, Hirose is set for a major expansion in the car electronics area, including in particular antennas as well as LAN, ECU and HID connectors. Electronics applications in the automotive sector hold a major potential for connector needs in the pursuit of comfort and safety.

  • GT25 Series
  • GT23 Series
  • GT17 Series
  • GT15 Series
  • GT16 Series

Medical Electronics Equipment

Hirose started to develop and manufacture a variety of medical instruments sold as sets in 1976. These products include electronic therapy devices for relieving pain and promoting blood flow, and measuring devices such as the pulse-oximeter used for measuring the oxygen concentration of the blood. In an effort to make medical technology available for practical use, Hirose has also focused attention, recent years, on the development of health products for personal use and has already won a highly favorable market response with a variety of electronic products, including electronic devices for slimming and muscle training, exercise counters for lifestyle monitors and warm water cleaning units for portable toilets.

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