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Coax Solutions Ltd offers a full range of in house cable assembly solutions.

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Mobile Communication Field

Besides connectors that have attracted solid support from top vendors both at and abroad, we have made significant inroads into fields such as the smart phone as well as GPS and ITS. Our ongoing development of high-function and high-performance products that give Hirose an edge at the world's top level speaks for itself as does our global supply system based on the most advanced production technology.

  • ZX Series
  • BM10 Series
  • DM3 Series
  • FH29 Series
  • MS-156HF Series
  • W.FL Series
  • Camera-equipped Flip Phone

Communications and Broadcasting Fields

These product categories employed in our communications broadcasting infrastructure and in infrastructure equipment and devices have always been an area of strength for Hirose. In addition to the development of composite products generated by a fusion of coaxial and optical technology, we have embraced an ongoing commitment to leading-edge development in an endeavor to meet the challenges of an ever increasing market need for ultra- high-pin-count technology and ultra-high speed transmission capability at 10Gbps or more.

  • HX2 Series
  • IT2 Series
  • MF10 Series
  • WS Series
  • Router and LAN Switch

Computers Field

Besides Hirose has been a pioneer in the development of connectors for the computer field with a diverse product offering that covers a wide range of application, including personal computer and work station servers, peripherals, and office machines. In recent years, the thrust of our development efforts has concentrated on products that support sophisticated needs in terms of high-speed transmission and wireless LAN networks. The success of these efforts can be measured by the pace at which we expanding our share on the note PC and Tablet PC market.

  • DF19 Series
  • FX10 Series
  • EX80 Series
  • FH12 Series
  • U.FL Series
  • Notebook PC
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